Swimming pools are an endless source of fun and entertainment, especially during the hot summer months. But while there are plenty of swimming pool positives, it’s good to be aware of the potential dangers a body of water in your backyard can pose. It makes no difference if you have a concrete pool or a fibreglass pool – practicing good pool safety is essential. Melbourne Pools has identified some common swimming pool dangers and explains how you can minimise them.

Slippery Surfaces

Many pool designs incorporate a surrounding wooden deck. While these are great for sunbathing on during summer, they can also become dangerous slipping hazards if not properly taken care of. Decks usually become slippery due to the following factors:

  • Algae build up on the timber
  • Rotting vegetation and leaves
  • Damp environments
  • Lack of sun light in the cooler seasons

Pressure washing your deck once a year is the best way to remove the build up of algae and rotting vegetation, helping to prevent nasty falls.

If your pool is surrounded by concrete surfaces rather than decking, many pool builders in Melbourne will recommend the technique of adding silica sand to concrete sealer in order to provide a more textured surface, reducing the likelihood of falls.

Poor Chemical Storage

Most swimming pools in Melbourne require special chemicals to prevent algae from growing and keep your pool functioning properly. However, if not stored properly, these chemicals can be extremely dangerous. Keeping these chemicals stored in a cool, dry and securely locked location is important for the safety of children and adults alike.

Pool Ladders and Stairs

One of the most common locations where injuries can occur is the entry point to your pool, where loose ladder rails and poorly defined steps can often cause trouble. Using coloured nosing tiles or paint to help highlight step edges in concrete pools can help to prevent step related injuries. Meanwhile, if you notice that your ladder rail feels a bit loose, it’s important to check the bolts and either tighten or replace them. If you notice excessive rusting and pitting on your ladder rails or other metal parts, it’s probably time to do a quick search for pool builders in Melbourne so you can get an expert in to replace the deteriorating parts.

With a little planning and regular maintenance of concrete and fibreglass swimming pools in Melbourne, avoiding common pool hazards can be a breeze.