If you came here asking, how long does it take to build a pool and we’re hoping for a one-line answer.  Then you have come to the wrong place.  As it turns out, there is no short answer to it but below you’ll learn about the different factors that affect how long it takes to complete a pool and the approximate timelines on each activity.  There are so many factors that come into it and even the weather can affect the completion time of a pool.  After all, we do live in Melbourne…

First we’ll address the difference generally between concrete pool and fibreglass pool times and finally we’ll discuss some more general variables.

How long does it take to build a pool

The Typical Concrete Pool

Straight off the bat, concrete pools take longer than a fibreglass pool.  Concrete pools are all custom made as opposed to a fibreglass pool which is made in a factory but regardless, this is the general process of a concrete pool build.


After the contract is signed, you’ll need to allow 4 to 6 weeks before digging and excavation can commence.  We need to get engineering plans and drawings done up so we can submit then to council for approval.  This stage has the most variable time on it as it can take time to hear back from councils and get the approval we need.  Luckily, we use that time to organise trades and ensure the rest of the process is smooth sailing.


Time to build…kind of!  The first thing we do is mark out the pool area so the excavator knows exactly where to dig out your pool.  Then comes the plumbers.  Drainage pipes, in floor cleaning pipes (if you’ve ordered them) are installed as well as the steel frame and formwork is erected.  All final checks take place at this time ready for our concrete to be sprayed.  (2-4 weeks)

Pouring & Curing

After the concrete is sprayed and poured, sadly no work can be done directly on the pool as the concrete must cure for four weeks.  Wet weather days can delay this process but we must make sure the concrete has time to cure.  As no work is being done on the pool, this is a fantastic time to work on heating systems and the garden/landscape so that everything can be completed for a big reveal! (4 weeks)


Depending on the finishes you have chosen, this process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.  Tiles, paving, solar blankets and any other features are taken care of in this stage.  Once the pool is ‘complete’, it must be inspected and ticked off to be filled with water and ready for happy days in the pool.

Based on those estimates, most pool builders in Melbourne should allow 4-6 months from start to finish.

The Typical Fibreglass Pool

Although fibreglass pools are already ‘built’, there is still many of the same hurdles to overcome as with a concrete pool such as planning and getting building approval.  For the purpose of this article, we’re going to discuss in-ground pools.


As the planning stage is very similar to concrete, we’ll just provide the same time estimate of 4 – 6 weeks.


The pool area needs to be marked out and the excavator will dig out the area required for your pool.  At this stage, the pool is placed in the excavated area and we commence backfilling with an aggregate and concrete mixture.  Plumbing and electrical work also takes place here and the entire process is actually completed in days not weeks.

Main Factors That Delay Pool Builds

In short, here a number of the factors to consider when determining how long your pool will take to build.  If you decide to build with us at Melbourne Pools, we’ll be happy to let you know how each stage will work and give you an honest, realistic expectation of when you’ll be able to swim in your soon to be loved, new pool.

The type of pool

Fibreglass is the way to go if you need a pool quickly.  Concrete is the timeless and luxurious option.

The time of year

When a 40 degree, Melbourne summer day hits, everyone wants a pool.  As you can imagine then, the best time to start building a pool is just as the colder weather hits.  That way, your pool will be ready to go in summer and your house will be the place to be!

Planning approvals

Planning can be the hardest part to predict as we have no control over how quickly your local planning authority with give us the go ahead to build.  Winter months are generally far quicker as the council is absolutely inundated in summer.