Here’s a riddle for you:

What’s bigger than a spa? But smaller than a family pool?

The answer:

A plunge pool!

plunge pool melbourne

A plunge pool perfectly represents your lifestyle and preferences. It is an excellent option for relaxation after a day’s hard work, during the weekends or on any day you are off from work. While warmer days can be best enjoyed swimming in the plunge pool, autumn, winter, and spring are cooler months when having a dip in your heated plunge pool would be absolutely divine.

Why get a plunge pool?

There are a number of reasons why someone might want a plunge pool but their biggest benefit is their beauty. Plunge pools add instant appeal to any backyard space and turn potential eye sores into stunning, usable spaces.

They are great for cooling off in summer and relaxing with friends but they aren’t the best ‘swimming’ pool as there is simply not enough space to do laps. This just means they might not be the best option for growing families with kids looking to play pool games. If that’s not you, then a plunge pool might be for you!

How much does a plunge pool cost?

As always, how long is a piece of string? A plunge pool depends on a number of factors but generally it’s going to be a customised concrete design. This suggests that a new plunge pool could cost you anywhere from $30,000 to upwards of $80,000. This is dependant on the size, heating, lighting, cleaning and all other kinds of extras that you might add on. To get a better estimate of price, give our price calculator a try.

Can you heat a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are compact and can be heated economically and effectively. When you have installed a plunge pool mostly for comfort and relaxation, why think twice on heating it? You can choose between gas, solar or a heat pump (electric) system and they will all work very effectively.

Our advice on building a plunge pool

Plunge pools aren’t for everyone but they have a place. Usually, if you have more space, then it’s never going to hurt to have a bigger pool but if you’re short on space, then build the pool as big as you can. Because the width and length of the pool are going to be shorter than normal, try add a little depth to the pool so you still have a volumetrically large pool. Now if your pool is deeper, not everyone will have a great time standing in water up to their necks so we recommend building some seating so they anyone can relax in the pool for as long as they want. Heating a plunge pool is an absolute no brainer – it’s not going to require as much energy as a family sized pool so gas, solar or heat pumps are all great heating options.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss building a plunge pool in your space.