In a not too distant past, almost every backyard with a pool was accompanied by someone pushing around a pool vacuum like a broom or one of those ‘tick tick tick’ suction cleaners roaming around.

In the last few years however, robotic cleaners have become very reasonably priced making them not just confined to commercial swimming pools.

So the short answer to should you buy a robotic pool cleaner?  Absolutely!

The technology has been proven to clean the biggest pools around Australia and now that technology is available to you.  Robotic pool cleaners are fully automatic so you drop them in your pool each week and enjoy watching it roam around and pick up all the dirt.  Typically, a high quality robotic cleaner will cost approximately $2000 and use a marginal amount of electricity over a year.

One of the issues some customers have with robotic cleaners is that after you put it in the pool, you need to then come back to take it out.  Is that a big issue to you?  On the other hand, we have clients who love sitting outside and daydreaming as they watch the robot do all their hard work for them.

In short, we love robotic pool cleaners and would recommend them to anyone purchasing a new pool.