Swimming Pool Installation

You’ve imagined your new pool for years, so you finally decide to call Melbourne Pools for an installation quote. However, before you choose swimming pool installation for your Melbourne home, you may want to consider several things:

  • Concrete vs. Fibreglass – Before we install your new pool, you need to consider your design needs. If you
    can’t find the pool you want from our pre-assembled fibreglass options, choose a customised, concrete pool installation instead.
  • Preliminary tasks – Once you hire on our contractors, we contact a qualified surveyor to certify your building application. Afterward, your local council approves your application within three or four weeks.
  • Measurements – Depending on local laws, your pool should be as far away from property boundaries and
    buildings as your pool is deep. For instance, a 2m deep pool should be 2m away from structures. Call for more information.

Learn About Swimming Pool Installation from Melbourne Pools’ Experts

Keep in mind that fibreglass pools install quicker than concrete pools. Fibreglass also comes in a greater colour variety to suit your garden or landscape design.

Once you’ve chosen between concrete and fibreglass and taken care of other preliminary tasks, we will readily begin installation. We
will excavate the ground beneath your soon-to-be pool. Then, we deliver the pool to your home (if fibreglass) or commence with concrete pouring. We also work on plumbing details at this stage.

Finally, we install the pool itself and do finish work before we offer the complete product for your review and swimming enjoyment.

Call for Details Today

A beautiful new swimming pool offers multiple benefits to your health, happiness and property value. Make a lifelong investment with swimming pool installation at your Melbourne home.

Melbourne Pools will easily make your swimming pool a reality, not a dream. To start the process, call (03) 6417 5140 and speak to our qualified staff today.