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Simply fill out our price calculator below to give you an estimate on your next pool project.  This will calculate based on a concrete waterlined tile with a pebble glass interior finish. Please note this is an estimate and not a formal quote – we would love to discuss your project in detail.

Choosing a swimming pool builder is a major step in either building a home or renovating your existing home but how much does it actually cost to build a pool?  There are numerous factors that will determine the price such as the type of pool (fibreglass or concrete), the heating functionality and the finish.

Fibreglass vs Concrete

The two heavyweights in any new pool build.  Fibreglass pools are typically more affordable as they are prebuilt off-site and delivered ready to install however this comes with design limitations.  Concrete pools are luxurious by nature and give you more choices with finish, shape and style.

There is more to it though.  For some homes, fibreglass pools simply aren’t possible due to access limitations so definitely take some time to access your property.  The current trend for smaller lot sizes has also contributed to a change in pool designs.  If your backyard is limited in space, we might be able to build the pool right up to the boundary however that could require some soil stabilisation work.


There’s a huge range of pool paint and tiling options, ranging from mosaic patterns to crushed quartz.  The location and size of your pool will also determine what kind of fencing you require – check with your local council before commencing any builds.


Basic pool pumps and filtration systems generally included in pool builds however there are more advanced systems available such as infloor cleaning, solar/gas heating and even robotic cleaning system.

If you’re looking for some indications on how long does it take to build a pool, then click on the link