Accessories, Equipment & Add-ons

Equipment and add-ons for your swimming pool

From basic equipment to optional add-ons and enhancements, there are many things you need to consider when planning your new swimming pool with Melbourne Pools.

Your Melbourne Pools consultant will guide you through everything you need to know about the essentials such as pool pumps, filters, chlorinators, heating and safety fencing as well as ‘nice to have’ add-ons and enhancements such as water features and coloured LED lighting.

Clip On Spa

Add this 6 person spa alongside your swimming pool. It can be heated and run separately and fits any pool within the Freedom Pool range.

Pool Fencing 

Fencing is probably the most important and vital addition to your new pool. There is, however, a terrific choice of modern and traditional styles available in a multitude of colours that will really enhance your pool’s appeal.

Water Feature

Add a sense of style and elegance to your swimming pool with the addition of a stunning water feature. Bring your pool to life with a cascading water fall or add some decorative pieces to create a focal point. 

Swim, Spa & Micro Jets

Select from several different jets. From massage jets to high-volume swim jets that create a current strong enough to swim against.

Solar Blankets & Rollers

Solar blankets help with saving water by virtually stopping evaporation. They also provide solar heating and can keep your pool cleaner when in use.

Wet Deck

Add style and class to your pool. Wet deck is stylish and modern, helps improve pool hygiene and is safe and affordable.