With summer knocking on the door and Melbourne already experiencing mid-30s temperatures in early October, you might be considering having a pool built in your backyard for summer. After all, what better way to relax on a hot day than in your own swimming pool with an ice cold drink by your side? What you need to consider now, however, is just what type of swimming pool is best for your backyard. You’ve seen various concrete pools and fibreglass swimming pools around Melbourne, but you’re just not sure which will work best for you. Well, we’re here to help!

Concrete Pools

Concrete might be the most popular type of swimming pool, favoured for its ability to be fashioned into just about any shape and size, but it can often be the most expensive. One possible consideration to bear in mind is that there are many homes in areas of Melbourne that are at the high end of the price market. Opting for a less expensive pool has the potential to devalue your property, just as concrete pools can potentially increase the value of a mid-range property. A concrete swimming pool will also need to be regularly maintained, either with a broom or swept with a pool brush to remove algae from the pores of the pool surface.

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools aren’t as expensive as their concrete counterparts, and they certainly have their advantages: they require minimal maintenance, feature seating and steps in their pool designs, and can be installed in as quickly as 3 to 5 weeks. However, as they’re prefabricated, they can be quite restricted in their variety of shapes and designs – so they really do need to fit in within the dimensions of your backyard. They can also only be a maximum width, as fibreglass swimming pools are transported to your home readymade and there are size limits when it comes to delivering via the roads.

Other Points to Consider

Once you have decided whether you’re more partial to concrete pools or fibreglass pools, you then need to consider other important factors. For example, Australian laws require you to have safety fencing around a swimming pool. You need to work out how much space the pool and fencing will take up and how that might affect the size of the pool. Then you need to consider the other factors that come with building a pool, like the landscaping, and maybe a shed for all the essential pool maintenance equipment. Luckily, Melbourne Pools is able to assist with everything you need and help you decide exactly what type of pool is right for you.