Did you know, you longer have to choose between chlorine and salt pools?

You can actually get a FRESHWATER pool!

Imagine that…

Swimming in a pool with water that you could basically drink.  

That technology is here and we are huge advocates of freshwater pools.  Freshwater systems are becoming increasingly popular as people begin to understand the health benefits and better alternative to chlorine, salt or mineral based systems.

Here at Melbourne Pools, we fully endorse the system provided by Naked Pools.  Naked Pools is the healthier choice for families and great for the environment, with lower running costs and longer lasting equipment. Producing crystal clear water that looks and feels amazing, all year round.

How does it work?

The hybrid Naked System is made up of a digital control unit that supplies and manages current to the electrode assembly (OXI & ION Cell). Electrolysis passes through the oxidiser and copper and silver anodes, releasing the ions into the water. The silver disinfects the water controlling bacteria and the copper prevents algae growth. The oxidiser destroys organic matter while the minerals left in the water form a residual that continues to sanitise the water.

The end result is the water you’re swimming in is virtually no different to the water from your household tap. Healthier for you, easier to manage and better protects your long-term investment for your home and family.


What about Chlorine?

Chlorine has used to sanitise water since the early 1900’s.  Although chlorine has been deemed sufficient to sanitise both domestic and commercial swimming pools, it certainly comes with a few catches.

Chlorine can create reactions in swimmers such as itching and red eyes as well coming with that ‘pool smell’ everyone is familiar with.  Washing off chlorine can be a pain and although it’s a very effective sanitiser, it’s just not nearly as pleasant as swimming in fresh water.

What are the benefits of a Naked Freshwater Pool?

Save up to 50% on running costs. 
The Naked Pools System is customised to the needs of your swimming pool. This reduces running time and power consumption and increases the longevity of your pool.

Backwash straight to your garden without dilution. 
You can use the water from your pool directly onto your garden. Not only does this save water, there are no hazardous chemicals going down the public drainage systems.

All pool equipment will last longer. 
Without the harsh chemicals found in chlorine and salt chlorinated swimming pools, your pool filters, pipes, tiles and other surrounds will last much longer. Again, saving you money and the need to replace products such as plastic or glass from around your pool.

Your swimwear will last longer. 
Your clothes won’t deteriorate like they do when swimming in chlorine or salt pools. In fact, the water is just like having a shower, therefore you do not need to rinse your bathers or yourself after swimming.

Reduction in chemical usage. 
You do not need to add other chemicals such as stabiliser or blockout to maintain chlorine levels in your pool like traditional systems.